She Was Born With A Rare Condition That Causes A Patch Of Her Hair To Be White, And Now That She’s A Bridesmaid In Her Brother’s Wedding, She Was Told She Would Be Kicked Out Of The Bridal Party Unless She Dyes Her Hair

Apparently, her soon-to-be sister-in-law also claimed that since she was a bridesmaid, she needed to “look nice.”

She was honest, though, and told May that she was never going to dye her hair again. And to that, she claims that her brother’s fiancée got “a bit huffy” before leaving the room for a little while.

Then, while May was gone, her brother also decided to get involved and said that she should dye her hair just this once. He even suggested that she use temporary dye and claimed that it was “May’s choice” as the bride.

Plus, her brother even went so far as to threaten her role as a bridesmaid. More specifically, he said that if she did not comply with their wishes, then they would “simply” pull her out of the wedding ceremony altogether.

Still, she was not just going to back down and instead tried to defend herself. She told her brother that since it was her hair, it was actually her choice. Moreover, she claimed not to care what anyone else said about the matter.

If you could not have guessed, though, her brother did not like what she had to say. So, he ended up getting pretty angry and even called her a jerk.

And ever since then, she has been left feeling pretty confused. On the one hand, she understands where her brother and May are coming from and thinks she may have “done too much” while defending herself. After all, it is their wedding.

“But, part of me feels justified,” she admitted.

So, she has now been left wondering if refusing to dye her hair for her brother’s wedding is the right thing to do or not.

Can you believe that May referred to her white patch as “that thing” and implied she would only look nice by changing her natural appearance? Does a bride’s wishes take away a bridesmaid’s right to bodily autonomy? Did she do the right thing by sticking up for herself? If you had been in her shoes, how would you have handled the situation?

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