She Went On A Date With A Guy Who Shockingly Told Her That She Needed To Lose Weight In Order For Him To Be Seriously Interested

Many TikTok users praised Jules for not putting up with him and pointed out that the drink he had ordered was not a particularly healthy choice either.

“Is he aware that tonic water has just as much, if not more, sugar in it than Coke?” asked one user.

“Tonic is literally full of carbs…I’m so glad you took that shot! His loss!!!!” commented another.

“I lost 190 pounds in about 3 seconds when I dumped my ex,” wrote a third.

We love a bad date story where the girl takes matters into her own hands and leaves!


Lol. Boys suck. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing ? #worstdate #worstdateever #byebitch #isuckatdating #singleforever

? original sound – Jules

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