She Went On An Expensive Multi-Day Destination Vacation For Her Friend’s Bachelorette Party, But Now Her Friend Has Ghosted Her Regarding Cost Reimbursement, And She Does Not Want To Cover Her Friend’s Share 

The only exception to the agreement was one meal and one event, which the bridesmaids agreed to cover without any contributions from the bride.

Well, ever since the trip ended, the bride has reportedly ignored her requests for the group’s reimbursement twice.

All of the purchases were made on their credit cards, and she wanted to broach the topic with the bride as delicately as she could.

Before she could do that, though, two other bridesmaids reportedly began suggesting that they just cover more expenses than they originally anticipated.

And now, that has put her in a very uncomfortable position. The destination bachelorette trip was already “shockingly expensive” for her.

So, quite frankly, she just is not in the right financial position to cough up even more cash.

After all, she never thought she had to budget for additional expenses. On top of that, it just feels really unfair to her because it directly violates the entire agreement they made before the trip.

Finally, it makes no sense to her that she and the bridesmaids would change the entire plan just because someone– the bride– keeps ignoring them.

“As a side note, I also cannot fathom why someone is allowed to force their friends to go on such an expensive, tailored, and personalized vacation– and then make to make their friends pay for their share, too? It seems messed up, entitled, and completely unreasonable,” she vented.

At the same time, though, she is starting to feel guilty, cheap, and selfish compared to the other two bridesmaids– who are being extremely generous about the whole situation.

In fact, she admitted to feeling like a “curmudgeon” who does not want to dote on her friend before their wedding.

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