She Works In A Call Center, And She’s Sharing A Crazy Call That She Had With One Customer

Drobot Dean - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

The life of a call center worker consists of being stuck at a desk all day, answering phones, and dealing with callers who think it’s okay to treat you like less than a human being just because they can’t see you.

Chloe Jessop (@chloe.jessop) is a call center employee at an insurance company, and the conversation that she reenacts in her video is so bizarre you might just lose a couple of brain cells after reading about it.

So in her video, Chloe laid out how she answered a call from a customer who only wanted to speak to someone named Muhammad because, apparently, Muhammad knew everything about their case.

Chloe apologized and informed the customer that they didn’t have direct lines to other employees, and this is how they replied: “Don’t be so lazy. Get up from your desk, walk around, and find Muhammad.”

Well, this was not actually possible to do because at the time, Chloe was working from home. Plus, the company had hundreds of thousands of employees located in several different countries, so who knows where Muhammad could be at.

Chloe proceeded to ask for confirmation of the customer’s full name, birth date, and address so she could check out their account.

“Why do you need that? Don’t you already know? I already gave it to the girl last week. Why don’t you know all my details? I don’t want to have to repeat myself,” demanded the customer.

Then, the customer began blaming Chloe for raising monthly insurance prices by $100.

She explained that she had nothing to do with the prices; she simply just answered the phone.

Drobot Dean – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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