She’s Issuing A Warning To Always Trust Your Gut After A Guy Followed Her On Her Run

Diana Vyshniakova - - illustrative purposes only

For women, it’s hard living in a world where you know that there is often risk when it comes to personal safety in almost anything you do.

One woman recently documented a day when she was followed by a man in his car while she was simply trying to get in a daily run.

Samantha Mac (@sageandmaize) is a TikTok content creator who often makes videos where she documents her running trips.

Recently on a 42-degree day, she filmed herself trying to run for eight miles as she had been preparing for her second half-marathon.

Sam’s viral video started like any other, with a cute running ‘fit check’ and a little introduction explaining how far she’d be running.

Mile by mile, Sam checked in with her viewers to give them an update on how the run was going and to answer any questions they had for her.

By mile four, she was warming up and feeling great. By mile five or six, her video took a dark and unexpected turn.

“I’m on my run right now, and there’s this guy in a red car that’s driven by me twice,” Sam frantically says in the middle of her run.

Sam told her viewers that the man was driving what appeared to be a red Pontiac. Every time he drove past Sam while she was running, he would roll down his window and look back at her.

Diana Vyshniakova – – illustrative purposes only

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