She’s Letting Her Friend Live With Her Until They Get Back On Their Feet, But Her Friend Keeps Turning Her Thermostat Up And Claiming That She Keeps Her House “Freezing Cold”

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This 28-year-old woman currently lives alone with her two cats in a small home that she inherited from her family. And honestly, she absolutely loves the cold weather.

This is primarily because she has a health condition that causes her to overheat quite easily. Plus, with the overheating comes a lot of sweat– which arguably no one ever finds “comfortable.”

So, she tends to keep her house at a brisk 63 degrees Fahrenheit. Then, whenever she has some guests visiting, which she admitted is not often, she opts to bump the thermostat up to 72 degrees– for their comfort, not hers.

But, in those instances, her visitors have normally only stayed for a few hours or one full day max. Just recently, though, she welcomed a much more long-term guest.

Apparently, one of her friends, who is 29, recently became homeless due to circumstances that were reportedly outside of their control.

And since she considered herself to be fairly close with her friend, she offered to let them stay in her guest bedroom until they found somewhere else to live.

Now, for the first month that they lived together, she always kept her house at 72 degrees for her friend. However, she quickly realized that her friend kept turning the temperature even higher– up to 75 degrees, to be exact.

“It was very uncomfortable for me, but I dealt with it,” she recalled.

It has now been about six weeks since her friend moved in, though, and she decided that she just could not stand the high temperatures anymore.

Pixel-Shot – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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