She’s Promising That These Banana Oat Cookies Will Change Your Life

TikTok - @sashafolgoas

Can cookies actually be healthy for you? Most people would probably say no, but we’re here to prove them wrong.

Here’s a sweet treat that is completely guilt-free because it also serves as a nutritious snack.

These banana oat cookies are chewy and so soft in the middle. Once you take a bite, you’ll experience pure joy.

They even count as breakfast food in my book if you just ignore the fact that there are chocolate chips in them, of course.

So if you’ve got a bunch of bananas that are ripening faster than you know what to do with them, this would be the perfect opportunity for you to use them up.

This recipe also gives you a chance to do something different and fun with oats other than just your regular, bland oatmeal.

TikToker Sasha Folgoas (@sashafolgoas) has a great recipe for banana oat cookies that we’re condensing down right here just for you.

And she’s promising that her cookies will change your life as you know it. That’s how delicious they are. So here’s what you’ll need:


-Three ripe bananas

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