Steer Clear Of These Common Comments On Social Media, Because Many Agree They Are Simply Annoying

stokkete - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

First, there was social etiquette. Now, there is social media etiquette.

With the majority of people spending hours of their day on the web, previously overlooked social media faux pas are now front and center.

For instance, should you ever post a photo of someone without their permission? What about loading your Instagram pic captions with fifteen million hashtags? Can you ever post on your story too much?

Likewise, comment sections have their own similar rules of the game. They are not supposed to be used as direct message boards, for selling, or for trolling.

Yet, if you look at any celebrity’s Instagram account, it appears that not everyone understands these comment sections dos and don’ts.

So recently, some people on Reddit shared what they believe are some of the most annoying comments and replies on social media platforms. And honestly, they are both infuriating yet hilariously accurate all at the same time.

To dive right in, why do commenters feel the need to let the world know that they were the “first” person to like a photo or the “first” person to post a reply? If you could not have guessed by now, I’m talking about when social media users comment “first” on a celeb or influencer’s photo, as if it somehow matters.

“This can also be expanded to ‘second,’ third,’ and so on. Also, ‘I can’t believe I’m this early’ can be annoying sometimes.” –I_am_da_senate

Or what about all of the “This!” and “Say it louder for the people in the back!” comments? Like, can’t you just like the Instagram post or TikTok video if you agree with the creator’s message or thoughts? Apparently not!

stokkete – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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