These Totally Random Questions Are The Best Ice-Breakers To Prompt Some Hilarious Conversations, Whether You’re On A First Date Or Meeting New People For The First Time

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How many times have you gone out with a new group of friends or sat on a first date with absolutely no clue how to break the ice?

I mean, aside from talking about the weather, what you do for work, and getting into trivial debates about your favorite colors, it can be pretty difficult to get to know someone with little to no background information. Thankfully, though, there is one foolproof way to get to know someone better without having any anxiety or doing any time-consuming social media profile stalking. I’m talking about asking questions.

And not just any old questions, might I add. By breaking out some of the weirdest, niche, and most surprising questions, you will be amazed by the conversation that can start to flow.

First of all, your date or new friend will be totally caught off guard. And depending on the question you ask, there might be some immediate laughter and tangential conversation.

The real benefit of this tactic, though, is that the answers are often just as ridiculous and hilarious as the questions.

Plus, you will slowly start to learn more about the person aside from the boring old facts like where they grew up or what sports they played. Don’t those get old quickly anyway?

Thankfully for you, we have also compiled some of the most random and intriguing questions to ask during your next social outing. All you have to do is commit them to memory and simply let the rapport flow afterward.

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Flamingo Images – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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