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These Treats Make A Great Valentine’s Day Gift For Your Dog, And They Require No Baking At All

TikTok - @opalthefluff

We would do anything for our dogs. They’re like family, so they must be included in all holiday celebrations.

The next upcoming holiday is Valentine’s Day. But of course, chocolate, even the ones that are shaped like hearts, is strictly off-limits for our canines.

That means we’ll have to go another route with the treats. TikToker @opalthefluff demonstrates how to make three different kinds of cute, healthy, no-bake dog treats featuring their beloved dog Opal, the fluffy white Samoyed.

And by the way, these goodies are also safe for humans to eat. So you can enjoy them together with your furry friend!

These snacks are all relatively similar to each other and, therefore, easy to make, but I’m sure your dog will appreciate your efforts, no matter what.

The first treat is peanut butter paw prints. All you need is one banana, two tablespoons of peanut butter, and yogurt.

Mash the banana and mix the ingredients together in a small bowl. Then, fill a silicone paw print mold with the mixture.

Let it sit in the freezer for two hours to harden.

The second dog-friendly treat is blueberry coconut bones. Place blueberries into a silicone mold with bone shapes.

You can put two blueberries into each mold if you’re feeling generous. Fill each of the molds with coconut oil. And again, freeze them for two hours.

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