This Emerging Facial Treatment Uses 24K Gold Micromagnets To Help Repair And Sculpt Skin

“Cell-to-cell communication is restored, which reminds the skin how to function optimally, which means we can reverse any number of concerns.”

In addition to exciting cellular activity, other supposed benefits of a Synergistic Qi Facial may include improved skin balance and functionality, inflammation and redness reduction, fine line reduction, breakout clearing, and the plumping and volumizing of your skin.

Now, Conti does note that while skin differences may be seen following the first treatment, consistent facials will lead to results that last longer– since cellular and muscular memory will build.

If you are interested in trying out this one-of-a-kind facial, there are also a few steps preparative steps you have to take prior.

First, do not use any prescription topicals or exfoliants during the one to three days leading up to your treatment. Also, if you enjoy a good scalp massage, wear your hair down– because the treatment includes one, too.

A 60-minute facial, which is the shortest option currently offered by Conti, is $250.

However, if you are interested in a 75-minute service– which includes additional micromagnets that address advanced skin conditions– this will cost you $300.

Now, according to Conti, there are not many common side effects to this facial. But, there are some people who should avoid seeking out this treatment– including those who have a gold allergy, are pregnant, have received botox within the last two weeks, have received fillers within the last four weeks, or have pacemakers, have cancer, lymphedema, active cold sores, or are receiving chemotherapy or radiation. Finally, anyone who is on antibiotics or has an active infection should also avoid this treatment.

As for whether or not Qi Beauty will become a mainstream skincare practice, Conti is confident it will.

“I just feel it in every ounce of me because it just solves such a huge problem, and everybody can do it because it is so gentle,” she said.

What do you think? Would you try this facial, and if not, what are your hesitations?

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