This Flight Attendant Is Dishing On One Of Her Favorite Cities That Is Totally Underrated

Truong The Nhan - - pictured above is a downtown view of Omaha at sunset

Flight attendants often have to deal with layovers (sometimes even overnight layovers) in the most random cities around the country.

Although being stuck in a city ‘in the middle of nowhere’ sounds somewhat dreadful, flight attendants figure out how to make the most out of their quick visits.

Noelle (@noellecors), a Chicago-based flight attendant who runs a blog called The Daily Departure, makes videos all about her experiences in various cities.

She recently went viral for making a video about how excited she was to have a two-night layover in a place that usually gets a bad rap.

“The most random cities are the best places to have layovers,” says Noelle from her hotel room. “When I tell you where I am right now, you’re gonna be like, ‘Why are you so excited to be there?'”

Noelle explains in her video that she had her first layover in this city back in 2018 and had been “dying” to go back ever since.

Her most memorable experience in the city was going to a restaurant with amazing-sounding menu items like crab rangoon fries and a vegan poutine burrito. She also fell in love with the city’s downtown area.

“Most of you have probably heard of this town before, and you’ve probably had no desire to ever go there,” says Noelle. “But I am here for 30 hours, and I couldn’t be more excited.”

So where is this wonderful city? Look no further than Omaha, Nebraska.

Truong The Nhan – – pictured above is a downtown view of Omaha at sunset

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