Want To Take Control Of Your Life Using Manifestation? Here’s A Guide On How To Get Started

lashkhidzetim - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

The following column is the opinion and analysis of the writer, Katharina Buczek.

Manifesting has been all over social media for years. But, ever since 2020, the trend has witnessed an astronomical surge– especially on TikTok.

And while the video platform is home to all kinds of niches with dedicated content creators, #SpirtualityTok has arguably one of the most dedicated viewer bases of community members.

There, users from around the globe have been eating up content about spiritual awakenings, horoscopes, crystals, and, of course, manifestation.

But where exactly did manifesting come from, and how can you actually do it?

Well, the idea that you can will your goals into existence is a phenomenon based on the Law of Attraction– a philosophy suggesting that thinking positive thoughts will yield positive results in an individual’s life.

This law was a major player in the New Thought movement of the 1830s and was first theorized by Phineas Quimby in the early nineteenth century.

The idea that our thoughts are energy, and have the power to influence our reality, also has roots in numerous philosophical and religious traditions– ranging from Transcendentalism and Hermeticism to Hinduism.

So, if you believe in the power of manifestation, then you are essentially placed into the driver’s seat– taking control of the vehicle that is your own life.

And any positive or negative effects that come to you are thought to be your own responsibility, a product of your own thinking.

lashkhidzetim – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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