We’re Breaking Down What The Cold Girl Makeup Trend On TikTok Is, Along With How You Can Recreate The Look

arhar - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

If you’re into beauty, then you’ve probably come across the “summer glow” makeup look that goes around TikTok each year.

But did you know that winter has its own “glow” now? Trending on TikTok this winter season is the “cold girl makeup look” that can turn you into an ice princess with a few helpful makeup tips.

The cold girl makeup for this season isn’t about piling on the products. It has a very simplistic, natural-looking finish. TikToker @zoekimkenealy created a step-by-step tutorial for looking like you’ve been out in arctic weather.

“There are ways you can do your makeup to make people feel things, like give them serotonin, like a Hallmark movie,” she said. “Today, we’re making ourselves look cold.”

The look can be completed with a few simple steps to get that natural, icy glow. She takes viewers through the specific products needed for the look.

First up– mattifying powder.

“Getting rid of any glow, we want a perfectly matte, blurred face,” she demonstrated. “And now I’m going in and layering these pink and orange blushes.”

Although she opted for pink and orange hues, you aren’t limited to those two colors.

“You can use whatever blush you want,” she explained. “Give yourself a blushed mustache and a blushed nose.”

arhar – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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