What Would You Do If You Only Had Twenty-Four Hours Left To Live And Infinite Money?

Nutlegal - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Have you ever laid awake late at night wondering what you would do if you only had one more day left to live? Let’s be honest: we all have.

Would you travel to that European country you’ve always wanted to visit? Perhaps, or maybe the flight would take up too many of your dwindling hours.

Instead, you might try to initiate some social change or give back to the community. For others, spending time with family would be of utmost importance, right?

Well, if you have ever wondered what other people would do with their remaining twenty-four hours, one Reddit user recently opened up that can of worms.

They set the scene for the online community: your doctor tells you that you only have one day left, there are no laws, and you have infinite money. Then, they asked the people of Reddit how they would spend their final hours.

And surprisingly, most of the answers are seriously touching.

Of course, there were some jokesters who immediately commented, “get a second opinion,” in regards to the doctor bit. But then, many others actually detailed how family time would be their main priority.

Those who have partners or spouses shared how they would want to revel in the romance for as long as they could.

“I would be glued to my partner those last few hours, and they would be glued to me. No money or illegal activities needed.” –Random_silly_name

Nutlegal – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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