10 Key Questions You Must Ask Yourself Before Walking Down The Aisle

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Ever since we were little girls, Disney movies and fantastical children’s books taught us that marriage was the ultimate goal. Meeting a guy or gal, feeling completely swept off your feet, and having a built-in best friend for life sounds pretty great, right?

What these idealistic depictions of marriage failed to show, though, were all of the important building blocks that go into forging a solid partnership. And getting to a point where you and your partner can confidently say “I do”– and mean it for life– is not always easy.

This is not to say that marriage is not worth it. After all, most things in life that are truly fruitful do require a bit of elbow grease and effort beforehand.

Still, before you take the next step and actually walk down the aisle, it can be beneficial to take stock of your current relationship. So, here are 10 key questions to ask yourself before you tie the knot– concerning everything from personalities and commitment to expectations and support circles.

1. Are you and your partner a good fit? 

This question may sound obvious, but while blinded by love, many people forget to actually take it into account.

Sure, you and your partner might have crazy chemistry and loads of fun together. But do your personalities really balance each other out?

Think about it this way: after marriage, couples tackle all sorts of highs and lows together. Of course, there may be seriously great times of prosperity and growth– like during a job promotion or the purchase of a new home.

But, there will inevitably be challenges– like loss, financial strain, or family strife.

nazariykarkhut – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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