After Her Babysitter Canceled, She Had To Take Her Baby To The Resort Her Brother Got Married At, And Now His Wife Is Upset That Her Baby Upstaged Her

She would be at the wedding for the ceremony and part of the reception while her husband was in the hotel room with the baby, then they’d switch. Once the ceremony had ended, and it was time for the reception, they wanted to say their congratulations before splitting up again, so her husband brought the baby down in a stroller for a few moments. 

This did not go over well with the sister-in-law’s side of the family, who accused her of stealing the bride’s thunder by bringing her baby.

Besides waiting in the hotel room, her husband would walk the baby around in the hotel lobby. She left the reception a few times to bring her husband some small plates of food to eat while he waited. 

“On one of my trips back, my brother spoke with me about it being a child-free wedding, and his wife was upset that my husband had the baby in the lobby and that I kept leaving the reception,” she said.

“I told him they can’t be too upset because we didn’t bring the baby into the wedding area or the reception.”

Her sister-in-law was still upset and supposedly wouldn’t even come to an understanding after hearing about their babysitter issue. 

Do you think the sister-in-law overreacted?

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