After His Brother’s Bride Tried To Get Him To Leave His Wife With The Babysitter They Hired To Watch The Kids At The Wedding, He Dropped Out Of Being The Best Man

His brother’s bride proceeded to point out that his wife “would be better suited at the second venue.”

He still was bewildered by what his brother’s bride was saying, assuming she meant that his wife should babysit everyone else’s kids.

It turned out that his brother’s bride was expecting his wife to be at the childcare venue, though, so that the professional babysitter they hired could help babysit his wife for the night, too, along with the kids.

His brother’s bride then stated she was “just looking out” for his wife before throwing in that he would not have to worry about having to “feed her or anything” so that he could simply enjoy their wedding.

His brother then walked over to where they were speaking, and he turned around and accused his brother of believing his wife is more like a child and needs someone to watch her.

His brother replied that it was “best” for his wife to be with the kids, and he could just pop by to see her while he attended the wedding alone.

He called his brother out for wanting to treat his wife in such a terrible way before dropping out of the wedding as the best man.

Obviously, that didn’t go over well, and many people reached out to him to try to get him to change his mind and be part of the wedding party again, including his mom and dad.

His mom and dad didn’t like what his brother and his brother’s bride wanted to do about his wife, but they begged him to come alone and stop being self-centered.

“I didn’t end up going,” he said. “I did hear they got one of the groomsmen to give a speech, and overall it was fine, but my brother sent me a text saying he expected better from me.”

“I replied back, saying I expected better from him. My SIL sent a long..text that I ruined their big day on purpose and made them look bad.”

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