All Of A Sudden, His Fiancée Has Started Acting In A Way That’s Raising Some Serious Red Flags For Him

He spent a lot of money on this ring for her, and he has brought up to his fiancée that was what he could afford to get her.

Then, for Valentine’s Day, he cooked an elaborate meal of 3 courses for her and even went out to a store to purchase drinks after she said she wanted to drink something else for the night.

As their evening was winding down, his fiancée demanded that he make her a cup of tea, which really irritated him because he had spent the entire day doing things for her.

After he suggested that she make tea instead, she freaked out on him. She also wound up making tea for herself but never offered to make him tea.

“I know it’s trivial, but I feel like I’m genuinely taken for granted and what I’m doing is either not good enough, or she just doesn’t care,” he said.

“Like I go out of my way when she needs me, and she couldn’t even make me a cup of tea on Valentine’s Day when all she gave me was some card made on Paint? Now I’ve realized this, I’m just looking back on this past year and seeing how much I get taken for granted. Even though she says she loves me, she doesn’t really show it apart from wanting a hug and a kiss. Outside of that, she doesn’t actually do anything around the house or even cook.”

“Maybe I’m being dramatic, but we’ve just put a non-refundable deposit on our wedding, which is going to total 16-18K for next year, and I’m just worried that in a year’s time, she’s going to be a much different person. Since, like I said, these are out-the-blue comments and actions.”

Do you think he should rethink his upcoming wedding to her?

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