As Students Returned To School At The Michigan State University Campus Following The Recent Shooting, Thousands Of People Showed Up To Offer Their Love And Support

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The recent shooting at Michigan State University, which resulted in the tragic death of three students and injured five others, was absolutely devastating. 

Students, faculty, and families in the area are still struggling to heal after the incident left them traumatized. However, this Monday, many of them returned to campus to try and finish their semester.

Some students and teachers had their classes online, and some students reportedly skipped school to protest for better gun control at the state capitol. But those that did return to campus for class were greeted with tons of love. 

“Thousands of people showed up on the campus of Michigan State to welcome students back and offer any comfort they could,” writes photographer and MSU student Kelly Branigan (@kellybraniganphoto) on TikTok. 

Kelly’s touching photographs from Monday, which she posted in a TikTok video, show parents, faculty, and other community members showing their support for returning students. 

There were signs of support being held up for students, one reading, “Welcome back, students. You got this!”

Groups of people organized together to provide specific services for the students, like people who brought their dogs for some pet therapy, moms who were offering hugs to students who might need one, and the wives of the school’s football coaches who handed out treats. 

Additionally, volunteers brought in loads of snacks and drinks so students could take as much as they needed to feel better.

There was also clothing, gift cards, self-care items, and flowers being handed out. Another group of volunteers set up spaces where students could sit and have a “quiet moment.”

ehrlif – – illustrative purposes only

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