Children Have Always Been A Part Of Weddings Traditionally, But Here Are 5 Reasons Why You Should Have A Child-Free Wedding

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Children have always been a part of weddings traditionally. In fact, even the idea of having a flower girl dates back to ancient Rome– when they would carry wheat and herbs down the aisle to bless the bride and groom with prosperity and fertility.

As Millenials continue to transform many age-old wedding traditions, though, the involvement of kids in their big day has not been exempt.

Instead, many couples are now opting to host completely child-free ceremonies and receptions.

While this move has upset many– ranging from those who value tradition to people who are simply parents– others are actually embracing the new wedding norm for a variety of reasons. Here’s why.

1. Parents Tend To Excuse Bad Behavior

At the age of 5 or even 10, did you know about “wedding etiquette”– much less understand it? Probably not. So, if you have young kids in attendance on your wedding day, the odds are that there might be a meltdown or two.

While children might not really “know better,” though, they are not always the root of the problem. Rather, parents of younger guests may not proactively put a stop to any whining, complaining, running around, or other “bad behavior” on your big day.

Instead, kids’ behavior might actually just be excused because of their young age and lack of wedding experience.

So, if you are not okay with the idea of excuses, it might be best to go child-free. After all, it is often much easier and less stressful than fighting with parents over how to parent their own children.

andrey – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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