He Bought His Girlfriend Six Dozen Roses On Valentine’s Day And Got Accused Of Making His Girlfriend’s Sisters’ Husbands Look Bad Because They Got Their Wives Basically Nothing

“It’s a tradition, and we both love it,” he noted.

Just a couple of weeks ago, though, his girlfriend received some bad news about one of her family member’s health. So, she was forced to head back to her hometown with her two sisters and their husbands, and he was unable to join her.

Eventually, Valentine’s Day rolled around, too. And even though it was not his fault that they didn’t get to spend the holiday together, he still wanted to surprise his girlfriend anyway.

So, he ordered her three dozen roses, candy, and a stuffed animal. But then, on February 14, tragedy struck.

Apparently, he received a FedEx notification that his shipment had been delayed. And honestly, he started to panic, thinking that his girlfriend would not get anything on Valentine’s Day.

So, he ended up calling around to local florists in his girlfriend’s hometown and found one who was able to deliver a new order.

And at that point, he purchased another gift package containing three dozen roses and sent them to his girlfriend’s house.

Well, it turned out that FedEx was able to deliver the original gift on time. So, his girlfriend ended up receiving six dozen roses, two boxes of chocolate, two cards, and a teddy bear.

She found the whole thing amusing and joked about how he had raised the bar yet again– claiming that anytime they are apart, she now expects six dozen roses.

“All jokes aside, though, I could tell she really appreciated the trouble I went through,” he recalled.

The very next day, though, his girlfriend’s sisters’ husbands reached out to him– and they were absolutely furious.

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