He Decided To Pay For College For His Nanny’s Children But Is Refusing To Pay For His Stepdaughter’s College Education Because His New Wife Can Easily Afford It

Instead, he organized a surprise farewell party for the nanny who had helped him throughout it all. During the party, he also announced that he would be giving Maria a generous amount of money.

Apparently, the funds would be enough to pay for all of her kids’ college expenses– since they were accepted into public schools in her home country.

Plus, with the money left over after paying their tuition, Maria would not need to work anymore.

His efforts to give Maria a nice parting present were not well-received by his new wife, though. Instead, she actually started complaining about how he was paying for a “stranger’s” children to go to college instead of footing the bill for his stepdaughter’s education.

For context, he claimed that his wife currently works and actually has the same amount of money in savings as he does.

So, she could definitely pay for her daughter’s college tuition if she wanted to.

“But she expects me to pay as a gift,” he revealed.

In fact, his wife claimed that his stepdaughter would only see him as a good parent if he “showed her he cares.”

Quite frankly, though, he told his wife that he would not do that since she could easily afford her daughter’s education expenses. He also ran to Maria’s defense and clarified how she definitely was not a stranger.

Rather, Maria stopped taking care of her own children to help him raise his. So, he really believed giving that gift to Maria was the least he could do.

Nonetheless, his stepdaughter, wife, and in-laws are all now calling him a complete jerk over the kind gesture.

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