He Ripped A Package Of Candy Out Of His Wife’s Hand And Threw It In The Garbage, Then Later Snatched Fried Food Away From Her, So She’s Furious With Him For Trying To Control What She Chooses To Eat

luismolinero - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 30-year-old man has a wife who is 29, and type 2 diabetes “runs” in his wife’s family. In fact, his wife has been diagnosed with diabetes, but he says she isn’t concerned about that at all.

His wife’s doctor put her on medication and also told his wife that she shouldn’t be eating certain things, like anything with sugar or anything that has been fried, as that affects her.

A day ago, he and his wife went to the grocery store together, and as they were getting ready to check out, his wife mentioned that she needed to use the bathroom.

They agreed to meet up outside of the store. So, he paid for their groceries, and as he walked outside, he found his wife about to dig into a package of candy that her doctor informed her not to eat.

“I quickly run over before she opens it, and I grab it out of her hand and throw it in the bin,” he explained.

“She starts getting angry, saying that I’m…overprotective…and she starts crying, almost saying how it’s not fair how she’s not allowed to eat sweets. I tell her to stop and say that I cannot let her eat that.”

“She grabs my keys for my car, and she drives away, leaving me at the shop. I call her over and over, and she doesn’t pick up. I’m absolutely furious at her and start walking home.”

Right as he arrived back at their house, he opened the door to find his wife sitting on their sofa, consuming fried food.

He then snatched what she was eating out of her hand and reminded his wife that she couldn’t be eating fried foods either.

luismolinero – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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