He Wants To Buy Himself A $500 Gaming Console, But His Wife Expects Him To Let Her Spend $500 On Something For Herself Too, And He Doesn’t Want To Because He Just Dropped $10,000 Paying Off The Credit Card Debt She Accumulated

A few weeks ago, his job gave him a bonus, so he took that money to pay off the remainder of his wife’s debt, which was $10,000.

Anyway, he then decided that he would like to buy a $500 gaming console to enjoy, and he first questioned his wife if it was alright to spend money on that.

He only asked as a courtesy, and he likes to make his wife feel that he’s making decisions with her every step of the way.

His wife didn’t say yes, she just asked if she could spend $500 on something for herself as well. He was puzzled by her response, as he had just put down $10,000 to pay off all of her debt.

Additionally, she bought expensive boots for herself a week prior, so he wasn’t sure what else she wanted to buy for herself.

“She told me it wasn’t fair if I get to buy something and she doesn’t, but I said I never buy stuff like that,” he continued.

“She said I spend money on food all the time, so it evens out, but I don’t spend that much, maybe like $5 a day for lunch at work. I ended up telling her to just forget about it, I didn’t need to buy the PS5.”

His wife is now accusing him of being a jerk for wanting to not spend any money as opposed to letting her buy something too.

“But I just didn’t want to spend $1000 instead of $500 when I just paid $10k on her debt, so I changed my mind,” he said.

“I can see how she doesn’t see paying off debt as a treat, but it was still a LOT of money, and she also buys fun things all the time with her allowance while I put my extra money into the savings account.”

“I don’t think she likes that I save more than I let us spend because she likes to buy stuff all the time. Her sister is also a SAHM, and her sister’s husband always remarks how he can’t afford all the new clothes she wants to get, so I think this is just some kind of spoiled behavior that their parents taught them.”

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