Her Boyfriend Constantly Talks About His Ex, So She Decided To Reach Out To This Girl, And She Found Out That Her Boyfriend Has A “Dark Side” She Never Knew About

Her boyfriend’s ex lives in an enormous house located in suburbia. This woman has traveled extensively, she’s educated, and she doesn’t look like the terrible person her boyfriend has made her out to be.

She decided to send her boyfriend’s ex a message saying she wanted to know more about, well, what her relationship with her boyfriend had been like.

She was shocked to get a reply back, and her boyfriend’s ex said that the relationship was nothing but a nightmare.

Her boyfriend’s ex said that her boyfriend was controlling and abusive. He ended up punching holes in her walls, he destroyed phones that she owned, and he constantly put her down.

Her boyfriend cheated on his ex, he went out of his wife to embarrass her in public, and he made threats to this woman’s loved ones.

Her boyfriend’s ex had screenshotted messages and saved photos proving her side of the story, which she got to see for herself.

Her boyfriend’s ex relied on her friends to help her get out of the relationship, and she ended up leaving to go live in another country without him knowing she was leaving. She essentially hopped on a plane and never looked back.

“What’s worse is that in the years he left her, he has not stopped attempting to contact her,” she said.

“She sent me screenshots of him sending nice messages to her, then a barrage of hateful messages once she doesn’t respond. He continued sending birthday messages and texting her mom, who eventually had to change her number.”

“He also continued to add her on social media and email her, apologizing to her and pretending to want to be friends with her. This year, behind my back, he sent her birthday messages and how it was nice to see her (impossible because we don’t live in the same place as her). She responded that he needed to stop messaging her because she’s married, a mom, and really doesn’t want him around. She sent me all those, plus the multiple attempts of him trying to add her on social media.”

After getting to interact with her boyfriend’s ex, she thought she was nothing but a wonderful person, and she’s left feeling horrified about all of the information she learned.

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