Her Boyfriend Doesn’t Want Her To Go To A Birthday Party With Him Because He Wants To Be Able To Spend Alone Time With His Friends, And She Finds This Suspicious

hbrh - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

When you’re in a relationship, balancing your social life can feel like a chore. Some people tend to forget about everyone else when they’re in a relationship, some value their alone time with their friends, and some can find a happy medium.

One woman and her boyfriend are on the outs after he told her that she is not allowed to hang out with him and his friends. 

They’re both in their early 20s. Every weekend, her boyfriend likes to make plans with his friends that don’t involve her. At first, it was fine, everyone deserves some space, and she has a group of friends she goes out with too. 

However, since they’ve been dating, she’s built a good rapport with many of his friends. They all get along, and his friends are wondering why he never brings her out with them. She’s beginning to wonder the same. 

Recently, she was at a mutual friend’s party without him when she ran into a girl with whom her boyfriend is friends.

Unfortunately, she’s never gotten the chance to get to know her since she’s never invited to join her boyfriend in his plans. 

The girl was super sweet and invited her to a birthday party she was hosting that evening. She knew her boyfriend would be there. So finally, someone from his group had actually invited her to something. 

When she told him she had been invited later that day, his tone completely shifted. An hour later, he blatantly told her he didn’t want her to go. 

He told her the weekends are for hanging out with his friends, not including his girlfriend. Ouch!

hbrh – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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