Her Boyfriend Wants Her To Lie About Her Job To His Friends And Family Because She Works As A Party Princess, But She Is Refusing And Doesn’t Get Why He Finds Her Work So Embarrassing 

Instead, she ended up asking her boyfriend why it mattered what anyone else thought. Her boyfriend did not give her a straight answer, though, and just asked her to “do this for him.” In other words, he wanted her to lie and say that she worked “somewhere more normal.”

Now, she really does not like lying. More importantly, though, it is just really upsetting to her that her boyfriend expects her to lie about herself to his loved ones.

Her boyfriend did point out how she could not keep doing this job forever– which she acknowledged and agreed with.

“But, while I do it, I don’t see why I should be ashamed,” she vented.

So now, she has been left wondering whether she should “tell a little fib” to keep the peace or if she would be a jerk for refusing to lie about her job to her boyfriend’s friends and family.

Why do you think her boyfriend cares so much about what everyone else might think? Is it realistic for her to lie about a job and then have to keep up that lie for the duration of their relationship until she gets another gig? Does she have a right to feel hurt by her boyfriend’s request? If you were in her shoes, what would you do?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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