Her Boyfriend Was Super Mean To Her At A Party And Completely Made A Scene In Front Of Her Friends, And She Isn’t Sure She Can Move Past This

N F/ - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 25-year-old girl has been dating her 24-year-old boyfriend for a handful of months, and although it’s still early on in their relationship, she is convinced that he is the man she’s going to marry.

All of her friends think that he’s perfect for her too, and strangers have mentioned this to her as well.

“He absolutely spoils me no matter how much I protest to him spending money on me,” she explaine.

“He takes me out and buys me things, takes me on trips, and tells me how much he loves me and how amazing I am and beautiful I am. While I can’t return the favors financially, I try to tell him as much as I can how much I appreciate everything he does and how amazing he is.”

Well, a couple of weeks ago, she and her boyfriend attended a party that all of her friends were at. She admits she had a lot to drink, and he did too.

At one point during the party, she headed off to the backyard to chit-chat with two of her best friends, and eventually, she went back inside because she was freezing.

As soon as she walked back into the house, her boyfriend approached her and questioned her about where she had been.

She informed him that she had just been outside with her friends, and he got upset that she had gone somewhere alone.

He even told her that she was awful for leaving him by himself at the party, but the thing is, it seemed like he knew some people there and he was having a good time.

N F/ – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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