Her Brother’s Girlfriend Called Her Out For Not Having Any Vegan Options At Her Engagement Dinner, So She Snapped Back And Got Accused Of Embarrassing Her 

Once it came time to place dinner orders, though, everything went sideways. According to her, her brother’s girlfriend pulled a waiter aside and very loudly asked, “Are there any vegan options?”

At that point, the waiter appeared confused and told her brother’s girlfriend that they were offering a fish or a meat option.

But the waiter said they could offer a salad with some roasted potatoes and other vegetables as a vegan substitute.

Rather than accepting that, though, she claimed that her brother’s girlfriend started getting “mouthy” with the waiter.

“Well, what if I don’t want a salad, huh? You just assume because I’m vegan, I only eat salads? What if I want some pasta? What kind of restaurant is this? This is discrimination,” her brother’s girlfriend told the waiter.

Now, at that point, she thought it was time to get involved. She tried to explain to the girlfriend how the only guests who had food restrictions were pescatarians.

So, those were the only restrictions she considered when selecting the restaurant for her engagement dinner.

After all, she did not even know that her boyfriend’s girlfriend would be attending until one week prior; meanwhile, she had made the reservation a month in advance.

Still, her brother’s girlfriend was not understanding and actually told her it was embarrassing that she could not accommodate all of her guests. Then, her brother’s girlfriend even called her small-minded!

“So, I told her, ‘Sorry, I didn’t think to accommodate you. I’ll consider that in the future; hopefully, you’ll be around long enough for me to be able to do so,'” she said. Yikes!

Once she said that her brother’s girlfriend ended up leaving, and her brother ultimately followed.

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