Her Fiancé Said That She Looked Terrible In Her Favorite Color, So Now She’s Considering Getting Rid Of All Of Her Pink Items

She also has some nice pink blouses that she occasionally wears and a bright pink workout outfit she wears to the gym.

According to her, though, it’s not like she walks outside in head-to-to pink getups like Elle Woods. Plus, the color used to bring her joy. Well, before her fiancé ruined it for her.

“I’m not sure how to explain it, but I used to smile at myself after I put on or used something pink– because it’s like, I could get a standard color, but I choose pink because I can!” she said.

“I thought it was cute, at least. It used to give me tiny moments of cheer.”

Since her fiancé made that very rude comment, though, those feelings of joy have flown out the window.

Now, whenever she goes to work out and puts a pink hair tie on her wrist, she hears her fiancé’s voice saying, “It looks terrible on you,” booming back at her.

And honestly, what happened really started to get under her skin. So, she approached her fiancé again just yesterday to ask if he really meant what he had said.

Shockingly, though, he did not relent with his criticism of the color. Instead, he claimed that he did really think pink looked bad on her.

He also said that it was not an issue if she liked pink or wanted to wear it. But, he reiterated how he personally thought that pink “looked really bad” on her.

So, ever since then, she has been feeling really sad. Rather than looking at all of her pink items with appreciation or happiness, she now feels disdain for them.

She is also feeling a bit confused since no one has ever really expressed any negativity toward her pink things– except when she had a bully who called her pink backpack “too girly” in elementary school.

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