Her Fiancé Wants Her To Use Her Emergency Fund To Pay Off His Credit Card Debt, But She Is Worried About Draining Her Savings Should Things End Badly

On the flip side, she does know that her fiancé is trying to be financially responsible. He works full-time and is a delivery driver for Uber Eats on the side to work toward paying down his debt. He also has full medical benefits through work, pays child support, and does not make any irresponsible purchases.

In fact, the only “irresponsible spending” she has seen is when her fiancé buys books for his children or eats out while at work. She claims that all the other money he makes goes toward paying his bills and paying down his debt.

To make matters worse, though, her fiancé does not just have credit card debt to worry about. He also has IRS debt, student loan debt, and car loan debt to pay back.

“It’s really too much for one person to handle, and he has been drowning for a long time,” she revealed.

So, from her perspective, helping her soon-to-be husband get rid of his credit card debt would seriously help his financial situation. At the same time, though, she is really worried about not being able to support herself in the event something goes wrong.

In turn, she has been left wondering whether not wanting to pay off her fiancé’s credit card debt makes her a jerk or not.

Do you think it was appropriate for her fiancé to ask her to pay off his debt? Does she have a right to feel apprehensive about draining her savings account? If you were in her shoes, what would you do?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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