Her Half-Sister Demanded That She Give Her Half Of Her Trust Fund, But After She Declined To Do That, Her Half-Sister Tried To Guilt Her Into It

janifest - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 23-year-old girl has a half-sister named Kylie, who is 2 years younger than she is. Kylie shares the same dad that she does, and Kylie happened after her dad had an affair with another woman.

When Kylie was born, her mom and dad got divorced. Her mom moved on and got remarried, while her dad literally moved to another place.

After her dad relocated, he was not involved in her life at all. Growing up, she was aware of Kylie, though she never met her until she turned 16.

Her dad was the one who introduced her to Kylie, and she did spend a bit of time with her in the years that followed her initial meeting, but she never got close to Kylie.

“For most of the past two decades, my father has been a gambling addict,” she explained. “He never had much of a stable income and definitely not a stable lifestyle.”

“Because of this, my grandparents fulfilled all the financial stipulations in his divorce. They paid for my education, paid child support to my mother, and set up a trust fund which I got when I was 21.”

“This was all an unofficial arrangement, and they did not do this for Kylie. I met my fiancé at 19, so I have never used any of the money in the trust fund.”

Now, she and her dad live in the exact same city, and she went over to his house to have dinner with him 2 weeks back.

While she was having dinner with her dad, he mentioned that Kylie had wanted her phone number.

janifest – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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