Her Mom’s Stalker Is The Reason Why She Triple Checks The Locks On Her Door Every Night

The next day, her father went over and put deadbolt locks on her front and back doors. However, the back door wasn’t as secure.

Since she was in the ground-level apartment, it was attached to the building’s laundry room, which was accessible from the building’s backyard without a key. 

A week later, her upstairs neighbor, Janet, tells her that she saw a man trying to get into her apartment while she was at work.

When Janet confronted him, he immediately ran away. She slept at her father’s house that night. 

Another month passed without anything freaky happening, so she returned to her apartment. One Friday night, she fell asleep with a fan on.

Around 2:00 am, she woke up to a faint drilling noise. Unable to pinpoint what it was, she tried to fall back asleep.

But then, she noticed that her fan had turned off. The power was out, but when she looked out the window, the houses across the street were lit. Only her building’s power was gone. 

Suddenly, she heard someone trying to break into her apartment from the laundry room door. Then, she saw the doorknob turn and someone sticking their hand through the door to undo the chain lock.

She bolted upstairs and ran to Janet’s apartment, where she called the police and stayed in for the rest of the night. 

The police couldn’t find anything that night but returned the next morning to find holes drilled into the laundry room door to bypass the deadbolt lock.

Someone had cut the building’s power and phone lines. There were also two peepholes in the laundry room that looked directly into her living room and bedroom. After this awful night, she moved back home.

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