Her Parents Bought Her An Apartment, But After They Allowed Her Younger Brother To Move In Too, She Moved Out

Her parents called her upset, saying they spent a lot of money on that apartment and called her unappreciative.

She explained to them that she very much appreciated living in the apartment but couldn’t stand living with her brother, who was becoming a mess. 

Once he lived alone in the nice apartment, her brother began skipping classes and frequently getting noise complaints from neighbors. It got to the point where the police shut down his parties. 

Now, her parents are asking her to move back into the apartment, not for her convenience, but so she can keep an eye on her brother.

He’s at risk of being put on academic probation. She asked if she could make him stop hosting as many parties at the apartment, but once her brother protested, they gave her an unexpected answer.

“My parents said he was allowed some freedom and that as his big sister, I should look out for him and not let him fail,” she said. “I thanked them for the opportunity but declined.”

Her parents are still upset with her over the situation and are even considering selling the apartment. 

What do you think a better solution to this issue would be?

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