Her Parents Expect Her To Become Her Disabled Older Sister’s Legal Guardian, But After She Asked Them To Give Her Their Entire Estate To Help Cover Her Sister’s Expenses, They Accused Her Of Being Greedy

marvent - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Have you ever been asked to become someone’s guardian if their parents could not take care of them for any reason?

A young woman is trying to reason with her parents after being told for years that she would be first in line to become her older sister’s legal guardian if their parents were to pass away unexpectedly.

She’s 23-years-old and has a 33-year-old sister who is disabled and living in a group home.

“The government pays for a good portion of the cost but not all,” she explained. “My parents have made sure that they have accessed every resource available for her to make sure she has as good a life as she can.”

Although she’s only 23, she’s been told all her life by her parents that she would become her older sister’s guardian if something happened to them.

She loves her sister, but that’s a lot of pressure for someone so young. She plans on traveling and seeing the world.

It’s also odd because she has two older brothers who are both married and successful in their careers. Deep down, she believes that her brothers would be a better choice than her.

Last weekend, while visiting with her parents, she decided to talk to them again about the situation. She figured it would be a good time considering that both parents have recently had health scares in the last few years.

After thinking things over for a while, she came up with three different plans to offer to her parents.

marvent – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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