Her Sister Has Been Blaming Her Son’s Behavior On Autism, Even Though There Is No Evidence, So She Finally Called Her Sister Out And Said Her Son Is Just Spoiled

andrey - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Sisters are bound to get into some arguments here and there. It’s the nature of being siblings!

But these two sisters disagreed about something quite serious involving one of their kids. One had to tell her sister that her son is not autistic. 

She is 23-years-old. Her sister is 30 and has a 9-year-old son. She noticed that her sister’s parenting style was very different from the personality she used to have before becoming a mother.

Supposedly she used to be very rational and kind, but when she had a son, she didn’t give him much structure. 

Her sister lets her son run around his grandparent’s house, throwing tantrums and breaking things. He would only carry on whenever their parents tried to correct him. 

“When our parents do that, she comes running and argues with them, saying that her son is like that because he is autistic,” she explained. “However, there is no proof of this.”

She has even attended specialist appointments with her sister and nephew to see if he was autistic, but each one of them said no. However, she keeps defending his bad behavior and telling people he has autism. 

Things got really bad last week when they were all at a young family member’s birthday party. Her nephew threw a massive tantrum over the birthday cake not being his and even tried to destroy it in a rage.

Her brother had to physically stop him, but this upset her sister upset, as once again, she said no one should ever use force against an autistic child. 

“I yelled at my sister and told her her son is not autistic but a spoiled brat with no boundaries,” she recalled. “She looked at me in shock, and many family members looked the same.”

andrey – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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