Her Sister’s Husband Died 6 Years Ago, So Her Sister Is Worried That Attending Her Wedding Will Trigger The Trauma, But She Thinks Her Sister Is Just Being Selfish For Wanting To Skip The Event

Instead, she thinks her sister just does not want to be there because they have reportedly always had a pretty rocky relationship.

“But c’mon now, it’s my wedding. She should put that aside and support me during my biggest day,” she vented.

Her sister and some of her sister’s friends are not exactly agreeing with her perspective, though. In fact, one of her sister’s friends apparently called her and complained about how her whole family was “harassing” her sister. The friend then claimed that all of the pressure was sending her sister into a depression and making the 25-year-old skip out on work.

Now, she admitted to being the person who encouraged her family to try and convince her sister to attend the wedding. However, she is adamant that no one was actually harassing her sister. Instead, she really just thinks her sister is being overdramatic.

“I feel like she is once again playing the ‘depression card’ so she can get away with her unfair treatment of me,” she revealed.

Her fiancé, though, completely disagrees with that perspective and has actually taken her sister’s side.

In fact, he claimed that she should leave her sister alone and said that it was not worth bullying anyone into attending their wedding. So now, with her fiancé vouching for her sister, she has been left wondering whether accusing her sister of being selfish for wanting to skip her wedding due to trauma makes her a total jerk or not.

Even if her sister’s husband died six years ago, doesn’t her sister still have a right to grieve the loss? Why do you think she is so confident that her sister is “playing the depression card?” If you were her sister, how would you feel being treated like this? Do you think she is in the wrong for not sympathizing with her sister’s situation? 

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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