Here Are Our Top 5 Totally Binge-Worthy Rom-Coms For Valentine’s Day 2023

“Someone Great” – Available On Netlfix

Okay, Valentine’s Day is not always a love-filled, joyous affair for everyone. Instead, you might be fresh out of a breakup and looking forward to getting some much-needed crying and ice cream eating on your schedule.

If you can relate, then “Someone Great” is the perfect flick for you to watch alone or with some of your closest girlfriends. The movie, which was released in 2019, follows the protagonist, Jenny, as she navigates a breakup with the love of her life.

Jenny calls on two of her best friends, Blair and Erin, to provide some much-needed moral support and help her move on.

This tale is simultaneously heart-touching and heartbreaking– teaching the tough lesson that even though you might love someone, things do not always go how you planned. So, grab some tissues and prepare to shed tears if you opt to watch this flick on V-Day.

“The Proposal” – Available On Hulu

Who doesn’t love Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds? In this star-packed film, Bullock portrays a cut-throat businesswoman named Margaret who realizes she is going to be deported to Canada.

So, in an effort to remain in the States, Margaret is forced to propose to her assistant Andrew– played by Ryan Reynolds– in order to obtain citizenship.

A ton of drama ultimately ensues, though, once the “couple” is forced to meet the in-laws and try to convince their families that they are truly in love.

The movie is downright hilarious and features a bunch of other comedic icons, such as Betty White and Oscar Nuñez.

So, if you are hoping to have a good laugh on V-day, definitely stream this rom-com.

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