His Dad Always Teases Him For Having “Childish” Interests, So He Made Fun Of His Dad For Crying While Watching A Movie

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Since this man is 35-years-old, his father reportedly enjoys bothering him for being interested in “childish” things. For instance, he collects Legos, loves watching animated movies, and opts to date people who enjoy cosplay– just like he does.

“Yes, I do all that stuff,” he admitted, “But I am also 35 with a career.”

In addition to having a stable job, he owns his home and claims that he is “pretty comfortable” with his masculinity. He also revealed how he participated in “a fairly rough sport” during college.

So, he honestly just finds his father’s lack of understanding about his interests more amusing as opposed to hurtful.

Nonetheless, he was over at his dad’s house recently with his girlfriend when the topic of Netflix came up– because, apparently, his dad uses his account and was having some technical difficulties.

During that conversation, he pointed out how Disney+ was working, and his dad reportedly started berating him again for watching children’s television shows.

“He and my mom watch the old TV shows and the nature shows on it,” he clarified.

Anyway, his dad then turned his attention to his girlfriend and asked if he had ever dressed up as a girl during cosplay.

Now, he claims that his girlfriend is not used to his father’s behavior and attitude yet. So, he just moved past the comment and pushed the conversation along before his girlfriend had the opportunity to answer.

moodboard – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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