His Dad Always Teases Him For Having “Childish” Interests, So He Made Fun Of His Dad For Crying While Watching A Movie

Afterward, he ended up convincing his dad to watch a movie with them. That way, he could show his dad why he enjoyed the “childish” movies so much.

He ultimately picked the animated movie “Up” and recalled how his dad would not stop talking at the beginning of the movie when the kids first met. But then, during the part of the movie with no dialogue, his dad was reportedly “intent” and super into the film.

And by the end of the movie, both of his parents were reportedly in tears.

“He and my mom were both crying at the end when the old guy was sitting alone on the steps to his house,” he explained.

So, at that point, he paused the movie and decided to poke fun at his dad. More specifically, he asked if his dad “needed a hanky.”

If you could not have guessed, though, this really got under his dad’s skin. In fact, he got accused of being a jerk before his dad just got up and left.

Following that outburst, his mom also revealed how there were likely parts of that scene that brought up bad feelings for his father. She did not elaborate any further about why the scene might have triggered his dad, though.

Regardless, he ended up apologizing and asking if his dad understood why he watched those “cartoons” now. After all, he claimed that animated films have many layers to them and are not just meant for children.

His dad did ultimately admit to understanding his perspective. However, his dad was still pretty upset that he started mocking all of the tears.

Compared to everything that his dad has said to him over the years, though, he just does not see how his comments were any worse.

“He has had no problem belittling me for my choices for over 20 years, but he is…hurt because I made fun of his emotions,” he vented.

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