His Daughter Is Mad That He And His Wife Didn’t Cut Their Vacation Short And Come Home For The Birth Of Her Baby

Josep - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Many people who plan on becoming parents have mixed feelings about who should be present at the baby’s birth. Some couples choose to have their parents present at their baby’s birth; others feel it’s unnecessary. 

One new grandfather is dealing with his upset daughter after he and his wife missed the birth of her first baby because they were out of the country. 

He and his wife saved and planned a trip to Cancún, Mexico, a long time ago. After they had their vacation all booked, their 26-year-old daughter became pregnant. 

Their trip was scheduled for the month their daughter was due. Her due date was late in the month, and their vacation was booked for the beginning of the month, so they figured they’d be fine and get home in time for the birth. Well, they were wrong. 

Six days into their trip, they got a call from their son-in-law telling them their daughter was in labor and said they needed to get home on the next plane. They told him it was impossible but to follow their birth plan and call with updates.

A few hours later, their daughter called. She felt scared, saying that the birth was taking a long time. Then, she asked them when they would be arriving at the hospital. She really wanted them there. 

“She’s a first-time mom, so it was expected for her to be scared,” he explained. “My wife and I assured her everything would be fine, but we were unable to just pack up and go. She got upset and hung up on me.”

They eventually fell asleep in Cancún and missed a call from her daughter and son-in-law in the middle of the night.

It was the worst call to miss, as she was about to have an emergency c-section due to complications and was quite frightened. 

Josep – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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