His Girlfriend Is Furious With Him For Spending More Money On His Daughter Than Her During A Shopping Trip

So, once his girlfriend heard about their father-daughter shopping trip and asked to tag along, he agreed to let her come.

By the time they got to shopping, though, things had taken a bad turn. Apparently, it all started after his girlfriend found a dress that she really loved. He claimed that she looked pretty amazing in it, too.

But then, he checked out the garment’s price tag and was forced to tell his girlfriend that the dress was just too expensive. So, she wound up picking out a few smaller items that he purchased.

Once it came time for him to pay for his daughter’s shopping items, though, it became clear that his girlfriend was upset.

Apparently, she saw how much he paid for his daughter’s clothes and decided to make an angry face at him. Then, she reportedly acted cold toward him for the rest of the afternoon.

“At the time, I didn’t know why. But I didn’t want to bring it up in front of my daughter,” he recalled.

After they actually arrived home, though, his girlfriend came right out with it and claimed that he treated her unfairly.

Apparently, she was angry with him because he refused to buy the dress that was too expensive yet ended up spending even more money on his daughter’s clothes.

He didn’t think his girlfriend had a right to be mad at him about that, though, and he attempted to be honest.

“I told her that I will always spend more money on my daughter than her,” he explained. That is his daughter, after all.

If you could not have guessed, though, his girlfriend did not understand that. Instead, his statement actually made her even more upset. So, they ultimately got into a big argument, and she ended up leaving.

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