His Girlfriend Kept Contaminating His Bakery Orders By Dipping Her Fingers In For Samples, So He Screamed At Her To Stop Eating And Got Accused Of Fat-Shaming

Apparently, his sister was running behind on a wedding cake order that was for an important client, so he was rushing to finish up his end. He also made sure to fill his girlfriend in on the situation beforehand and told her not to eat any of the custard. Plus, he told her that if she really felt so inclined to try the chocolate, then she had to use a spoon.

Well, he ended up leaving to take a shower after finishing up the batches. And once he returned, he caught his girlfriend red-handed with her fingers inside the chocolate custard again. So, at that point, he lost it and freaked out on his girlfriend.

“Because this was the fifth time she blatantly disregarded what I said,” he vented.

First, he screamed at her to “stop [freaking] eating” the food he was making. Then, he reiterated how the filling was not for her and told her that she had contaminated the whole batch again.

His girlfriend seemingly took his anger wrong, though, and proceeded to start crying before getting angry at him. Then, she accused him of “fat-shaming” her– even though he did not make any comments about her weight. He also claimed that his girlfriend has no history of eating disorders or weight issues. So, her upset just did not make a lot of sense to him.

“And I know I was harsh, but she kept pushing my limits,” he vented.

So now, with his girlfriend upset with him, he has been left wondering whether screaming at her to “stop eating” really makes him a jerk or not.

Why do you think his girlfriend refuses to grow up and use a spoon? Do you think she was actually offended or using his comment as a way to flip the blame in the situation? Does he have a right to be frustrated by her disrespect? If you were in his shoes, how would you have handled this situation? 

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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