His Pregnant Fiancée Refused To Help Him Search For His Dog, Which Escapes At Least Once Every Week, So He Called Her Heartless, And Now She’s Furious

Unfortunately, though, he was wrong, and he could not find the pet anywhere. This pushed him to run back inside and ask his pregnant fiancée, who had been curled up on the couch, to help him search.

But, according to him, she immediately told him no and claimed that she was sick and tired of chasing the dog. She also reportedly said that she would not deal with it anymore and told him that he should have been watching the pup more diligently.

At that point, he tried to explain how he had been watching the dog and only stepped away for two seconds to grab his phone when the dog escaped. Still, though, his fiancée did not care about the reasoning.

Instead, his fiancée again claimed that the situation was not her problem. She also said that she would not be exhausting herself just to search for the dog anymore.

“I won’t even say it was unexpected because, as I said, in the past, she has always had a problem with helping me search,” he explained.

“But, she has never said no. She just complained about it.”

Regardless, he ended up going outside to search by himself for about half an hour. Then, after he still could not find the dog, he reportedly went back inside and asked his fiancée for help again.

That time, though, she apparently snapped at him. She reiterated how she said no, and claimed that she was done chasing their dog around multiple times each week while she was already exhausted and constantly throwing up.

Still, he was pretty panicked and admitted to “unleashing some yelling” on his fiancée. More specifically, he had the nerve to call her a jerk who lacked empathy. He also claimed that he was “thoroughly disappointed” with his decision to marry someone so heartless.

Now, in hindsight, he knows that he was wrong for being so cold to his fiancée.

“It was out of pure fear and panic on my part, and I did apologize later after I found my dog,” he recalled.

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