His Sister-In-Law Started Commenting On His Wife’s Eating Habits, So He Stepped In And Told His Sister-In-Law To Focus On Her Own Obese Kid

nemanjanovakovic - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This 28-year-old man’s wife, who is 23, is battling an eating disorder. She is currently underweight and receiving treatment that both his family and his in-laws are aware of.

Aside from her diagnosis, though, his wife is also a very picky eater. So, she primarily eats home-cooked food– which makes it difficult to decide what meals to order whenever they go out to restaurants.

“Which we rarely do,” he said.

Regardless, his wife’s doctors have advised her to eat anything that she likes. The most difficult part, however, is making sure that she eats enough.

This means that whenever they go out, the couple opts to order a number of different dishes for his wife to try. Then, she can comfortably decide what she wants to eat– since her food preferences change very quickly.

This past Saturday night, though, they were invited out to dinner with both of their families.

“They are also family friends for a long time and often hang out– especially my sister-in-law and my wife’s older sister,” he explained.

However, he claims that his sister-in-law never really gets along with his wife and instead just always tries to criticize her.

So, starting from the moment they walked into the restaurant, he noticed that his sister-in-law kept throwing subtle mean comments toward his wife.

nemanjanovakovic – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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