His Wife Filed For Divorce 6 Years Ago, And After Recent Events Brought Them Closer Together, He’s Thinking They Can Make Up

kristinakibler - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 40-year-old man was married, but 6 years ago, his 39-year-old wife filed for divorce. Back then, he thought they both were in a bad spot, and that’s what ultimately led to them splitting up.

He had recently gotten a new job, and that caused him to not pay a lot of attention to his wife, and he also suspected she had found someone else.

They lived for a whole year in misery, and then she said she was done. Now, he and his wife have a daughter together, and she’s 8-years-old.

So, because they are co-parenting, they have had to remain in touch throughout the 6 years that they have not been together.

Throughout the years, he and his ex-wife have been nothing but amicable and respectful, and although the divorce did make him sad, he has been able to maintain a good relationship with her.

Not too long ago, their daughter ended up breaking her leg, and that resulted in him and his ex-wife spending a lot of time together in order to be there for their daughter.

“Last week, when I looked at my ex-wife, I found her very attractive, and I told her she looked wonderful,” he explained.

“Up until now, I stuck to my principles, and I never considered us being together again. Thinking about the past, I realized I told her hurtful things before the divorce, and I know cheating can be a way of seeking things she missed at home.”

Then, their daughter had her 8th birthday, and he and his ex-wife ended up spending some more time together for that event.

kristinakibler – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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