His Wife Told Him That She’s Paying For Them To Go To New York City For His Birthday, But He Thinks This Is Just His Wife Being Selfish Because He Doesn’t Want This As A Present - - illustrative purposes only

This 35-year-old guy has been with his 27-year-old wife for close to 4 years now. His birthday is coming up soon, so yesterday morning, he asked his wife if she had anything special organized to celebrate.

His wife replied that she is going to pay for them to go to New York City, and although he said nothing, his face pretty much filled her in on how unenthusiastic he was about that.

“I dropped her off at work and texted, “I’m sorry baby, I guess NYC isn’t that exciting because I’ve been there, and I can’t really think of anything I’d like to do there, you know,” he explained.

His wife texted back that it was really rude of him to squash the birthday plans she had made, and she was clearly hurt.

He knows he could have let his wife know that he wasn’t into the surprise in a nicer way, but the thing is, he’s been worried lately that his birthday surprise was going to be all about her.

“I’ve been feeling a lot like my feelings, preferences, and desires don’t factor much into what we actually do,” he said.

“I thought my birthday would be different. She’s European and has been dying to go to NYC. We were planning on going in the summer until circumstances prevented us. It was definitely clear that the trip was about her desire to see NY.”

In just one month, he and his wife are set to move to Europe for a whole year. The plan was to spend the next 3 weeks with his family members prior to their move.

Since he won’t get to see his loved ones at all for more than a year, he made it clear to his wife that all he wanted to do is be around them as much as possible. – – illustrative purposes only

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