His Wife Told Him That She’s Paying For Them To Go To New York City For His Birthday, But He Thinks This Is Just His Wife Being Selfish Because He Doesn’t Want This As A Present

His birthday is coming up within the 3 weeks he was intending to spend with his family, so heading to New York City will ruin the amount of time he gets to be with them all.

“Also, driving 15 hours there and back is exhausting, and she doesn’t drive, so it’s on me,” he continued.

“There’s also the money. It’s going to cost much more than she’s budgeted for (about double) that ultimately comes out of my pocket. I pay the bills, and she pays what she can, so money spent on this trip would otherwise go towards bills.”

“I get it, we wouldn’t be able to go to NY for another year, so it probably feels like it’s her last chance. The thing is, I would, of course, take her to NYC even though I don’t care so much. I want her to be happy. I guess I just want a little bit of that in return.”

He’s left wondering if he should agree to go on this trip or tell his wife that he would prefer to spend time with his family for his birthday.

What do you think he should do?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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