His Wife Went Out To Lunch With Her Friends And Left Her Wedding Ring At Home, And Then He Discovered That She Was Texting Another Man She Met A Few Days Earlier

He could also tell from the photos of his wife that she was at some bar, so he knew she would not be bringing food home for him.

He walked into their bedroom to get ready to go out and grab some food for himself, and as he was in there, he saw the promise ring and wedding ring she always wears were right there on their dresser.

He then sent his wife a text that said, “Thanks for forgetting to let me know that you went to the bar for the 2nd time this week.”

His wife had just been out at that exact bar a couple of nights earlier, and she was there until the clock struck midnight.

His wife texted back an apology before insisting she was going to tell him that she was going to the bar and not out to lunch.

He countered with a text stating that he had never once seen her take her rings off in the 8 years that they have been together, so he figured this had to be “intentional.”

It all went downhill from there as they argued back and forth, but then he said he was going to take some time to cool off because he was afraid he would say something too hurtful.

Eventually, his wife came home, and she told him that she was going to go stay with one of her friends in light of the fact that they were in a disagreement.

His wife has never said something like that to him, so he just said that was fine with him. But instead of his wife walking out the door, they actually sat down and had a meaningful conversation.

“So anyhow, we ended up talking, and I let her know that I have never and will never be controlling of her or what she does, but if she intends to have such large negative influences so heavy in her lifestyle, and that I wanted a family with her dearly, however, I wasn’t willing to bring a child into the world while those people were around,” he explained.

“She started to cry and agreed that she was sorry and that it sounded like a plan as it has always been her dream to be a mom, an even better mom than she had growing up as she had an extremely rough upbringing. I nearly raised her, to say the least.”

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